Graduate Route Visa Launched

This month the UK Government officially opened the 'Graduate Route Visa' (often referred to as the Post Study Work Visa or PSW). This is exciting news for international students graduating from UK universities who wish to stay in the UK for a couple of years to work.

Previously, many international graduates reported that it was almost impossible to secure a job in the UK as companies had to apply to become their visa sponsor and not many companies were willing to take that on.

But, now international graduates will be on a more equal-footing with UK graduates when it comes to securing a job. This is great news for students and also for the UK economy which will benefit from highly-skilled, globally-aware professionals.

The other great news is that the Government has made the rules more flexible for new students who can't start their course 'in person' in September. These students will still be able to benefit from the visa as long as they arrive in the UK by next April (2022)*

With many courses starting in January 2022, there is lots of opportunity for international students to benefit from this great new visa programme.

It's never been a better time to apply to study in the UK, so create and publish your profile for free on Student Central and take the first step on your UK study-work adventure!

*students who started their courses in Autumn/Winter 2020, or Spring 2021, will still have to arrive in the UK by late September this year to benefit from the visa.

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Rachel Burgon
Co-Founder & CEO
Published on 6 July 2021
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