International education doesn't have to cost the Earth

Studying overseas is a significant investment but the return on that investment can be priceless.

The opportunity to spend time living in a different country, studying with students from all over the globe, is an enriching experience.

Unfortunately, it is also an activity that creates its own carban footprint. Most international students arrive in the UK by air. They may make several return journeys to their home country during their time as a student and, of course, their families may take the opportuntiy to visit the UK.

Having said that, students are key to building a better, brighter future. Indeed, many international students come to the UK to study subjects relating to climate change, pollution, water, migration, resource management, sustainable energy, transport, food and sustainable business management.

Today's students will lead future change and, despite its carbon footprint, the benefits of international education on the environment are evident.

At Student Central we've been thinking about how we can help international students offset the carbon footprint associated with international education. As a result, we've teamed up with EcoTech company More Trees to plant a tree for every student who secures a place at university through the Student Central platform.

So, create your profile on student Central today and let us help you, not only secure a place at the right university, but also reduce the environmental impact of your studies on the planet.

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Rachel Burgon
Co-Founder & CEO
Published on 21 March 2021
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