Summer 2020: the perfect time for a virtual internship

During this peculiar time of lock-downs, economic disruption and remote working, virtual internships can help international students gain valuable skills and experience which will prove crucial in the highly competitive job market.

At UK University Services we have teamed up with UK-based startup businesses to offer students the opportunity to engage in summer consultancy projects. These projects are two weeks long and enable students to work as part of a team to find solutions to 'real world' challenges defined by the companies.

Students will gain valuable skills such as: working as part of a multi-national team to research, problem solve and devise strategies which can offer real value to small companies and start up businesses.

As part of the experience students will receive training on how to deliver a short-term consultancy project. They will build their skills in research methodologies, communication, time-management, team-working and gain real understanding of the challenges faced by small and growing businesses.

All the projects will be delivered remotely and this has many advantages over most traditional face-to-face placements:

  • You have lots of independence, working without constant supervision to deliver high quality outputs (this is a consultancy project where you add real value to a business rather than simply being 'someone who needs to be supervised all day');
  • You are able to work with a geographically dispersed team of students who are based across the UK (and sometimes in different countries);
  • You will develop strong communication, reporting and project management skills as tasks are delegated and coordinated across the remote team;
  • You will be better prepared for the future work place (which will likely involve more remote working (often as part of a multi-national team).

Don't waste this summer watching Netflix all day or feeling disappointed that your traditional work placement didn't work out as planned because of a global pandemic. Instead, choose to seize the opportunity and gain real experience that will enhance your CV set you apart from the rest!

You can find out more about our Summer 2020 virtual internship opportunities and how to apply here: APPLY NOW!

If you're a startup or small business keen to benefit from a student consultancy project find out more here!

Credits: image by Studio Republic

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Rachel Burgon
Co-Founder & CEO
Published on 6 June 2020
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