Prepare for IELTS

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most commonly recognised standardised English language test for international students.

You will need to demonstrate your English language ability to secure a visa to study at degree-level in the UK unless you are from an exempt country (or have recently studied at degree-level in one of these countries).

The full list of exemptions is available on the UK Government website

IELTS is the most well known English language test and accepted by all universities in the UK.

Preparation is key to securing a high grade in your IELTS test.

Even if you are from a country where English is widely spoken and have a good knowledge of English, you will benefit from good preparation. Boosting your IELTS grade can make all the difference to your chances of securing a place at a top university. It could even be the factor that determines whether or not you get your visa.

With this in mind, we would encourage everyone undertaking IELTS to invest in good quality preparation.

Thankfully British Council has developed an affordable online preparation course. It's worth checking this course out so you know what to expect and are fully prepared for your IELTS test.

Prepare for IELTS

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