Preparing international students for work in the UK

With the recent launch of the UK’s Postgraduate Work Visa (or Graduate Route Visa), international students are increasingly eager to seek employment in the UK after they graduate.

However, gaining a work visa is only half the challenge. Finding a graduate-level role as an international graduate is not always easy. Employers in the UK are keen to see applicants with experience working in a UK company, along with references from UK employers.

At Student Central we are passionate about supporting international students through their student journey and beyond. We don’t just help international students secure a place on the right university course, we also help prepare students to find jobs after graduation.

In order to help international students gain this valuable experience, we’ve partnered with Work Simplr. Like 'Student Central', 'Work Simplr is a UK-based company, and they focus on helping students find and undertake high quality work experience during their studies.

How will the Student Central partnership with Work Simplr help international students?

Students who apply to study in the UK through Student Central will be able take part in internships, projects and placements with UK companies. Not only will they be able to use this service free of charge, we will make the process of engaging with Work Simplr super simple!

When you create your Student Central profile you simply need to check a box on your profile to confirm you are interested in using the Work Simplr employability service. The, once you register on your course with a UK university, your profile will automatically be created on the Work Simplr platform.

You will then be able to explore and take part in opportunities that are relevant to you.

How can this benefit my future career?

The experience you gain through the Work Simplr platform will be hugely beneficial when you are seeking a fulfilling role after you graduate. It will provide you with:

  • Verified experience with a UK company that you can add to your CV
  • Experience which is challenging and builds your professional skills
  • An opportunity to build your professional network in the UK
  • A UK-based referee for future job applications

How do I sign up?

Create and publish your Student Central profile (making sure you tick the box to confirm you’re interested in employment experience). If you progress with an application to study in the UK through Student Central, you will automatically be set up with a Work Simplr profile once you begin your studies here in the UK.

If you’d like to discuss further how Student Central can help you with your university applications and employment opportunities, you can book a consultation with our team.

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Rachel Burgon
Co-Founder & CEO
Published on 25 November 2021
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