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Student Central is a unique platform built with students to empower university applicants from around the world who wish to study in the UK.

Our ethos is ‘to empower international students’ by ensuring they are central to the university application process. To do this, we have worked with over a hundred students and recent graduates from over a dozen UK universities, covering everything from market research, designing and building the platform, user-testing and marketing.

We’re always working to improve the Student Central platform but we are confident that, by ensuring that international students have been involved throughout the development process, the platform really meets the needs of our users.

Who we've worked with

Here’s a quick summary of some of the work we’ve done with students over the past 18 months. Student Central’s lead web developer (Anatoly), was an international student from Russia just finishing up his MBA at Cranfield University, when he began working with us.

We have worked with many other students and graduates from Cranfield including Ge, another MBA student, originally from China, who worked with us for six months on our early-stage business planning. Numerous other Cranfield students and alumni have provided user-feedback as we made iterations to the platform.

We have had eight teams of students from the University of Oxford undertaking short project ‘sprints’ through their Micro-internship Programme. These ‘micro interns’ have covered everything from ‘helping to scope out our Mentoring Programme’, ‘assessing the best approach to scaling our Global Associate Programme’ and several projects focused on ‘user feedback’.

Our engagement with ShARE Global, an organisation that develops students’ consulting skills, has also been invaluable. The Student Central platform development has benefited from ShARE student consulting projects involving students from: the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL, Kings College London, and the University of Warwick.

Meanwhile, students from Queen Mary University of London, Swansea University and the University of Leicester have successfully carried out six separate projects assessing Student Central’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) with both university and student users.

To date, we have also had three student interns from Coventry University London and several teams from Loughborough University London focusing on assessing the student central product and brand. Countless other international students studying in universities across the UK have also provided feedback on the platform.

The extensive student engagement in developing the Student Central platform illustrates how we are different from other international student recruitment platforms out there. It recognises that international students invest a lot in their education here in the UK and they deserve an application solution that meets their needs and truly empowers them.

Get involved

We continue to collaborate actively with students from all the universities mentioned above and are always happy to hear from students who are keen to engage with us. We are also welcoming recent international graduates onto our Global Associate Programme – spreading the word about Student Central far and wide!

Here’s a shout out to some of the many students and graduates who have contributed to the Student Central journey to date:

Pak Hei Nicholas Watt, Anlin Chen, Sean Gleeson, Karim Zaid, Damilola Adepeju-Fashina, Jakub Michalski, Tianjie Huang, Emmanuel Tomude, Nevena Skobic, Jessica Reisser, Vedanti Shah, Natalia Burbano, Gunarjun Chawla, Georgina Hancock, Jessica Gliserman, Venice McGauley, Rani Wermes, Allyson Obber, Christopher Scholtens, Xiaotong Ding, Lok Sze Rachel Lo, Wen Yi Lee, Leo Bartels, Emily Wright, Thomas McGrath, Ryan Parry, Lili Thomas, India Duke, Alexander Gan, Robert Anderson, Rohan Sharma, Yishen Chen, Ruchi Sharma, Shilpa Rasal, Aakash Pal, Eva Strnadova, Yi Xie, Mehdi Chaoudri, Madeha Yasmin, Inaya Zaman, Sameer Haider, Afsana Uddin, Rahavi Gopi, Zheyuan Yang, Dipanjan Mitra, Anne Wong, Hanaan Durotoye, Sabrina Florenzano, Nathaniel Matthews, Victoria Sedlak, Fabiana Toscano, Johnny Yufei, Alina Cherysheva, Karan Lalwani, Marcelina Jagielka, Henry Kwok, Artie Lam, Mohamed Baioumy, Lucy Shao, Arvind Subramanian, Roshan Awan, Cecilia Liu, Ariha Semontee, Eliot Avellano, Lilac Khatib, Jacob Sayers, Aaron Duthie, Hannah Watkins, Ewan McPheat, Alanis Ortiz Espinoza, Mumbi Kanyogo, Princella Boateng, Zheyuan Yang, Yining Zhang, Zhi Bo, Yiming Yan, Ye (Linzy) Zhou, Shuting (Cindia) Li, XuanXiao (Shawna) Chen, Athina Bimpa, Greta Seiliute, Yesha Bharodia, Aleeza Shahid, Ryan Kissarli, Lillie Killington, Giovanna Rodacoski, Daniela Davis, Roshan Manic, Sulvana Butt, Uwa Agbogun, Purada Vognum, Syed Iman, Dongin Kim, Jiya Kizhakkekattil, Jiya, Katerina Mezulanikova, Sean Tomlin, Mulangi Mangangu, Shital Sharma, Shina Banerjee, Tanya Kakkar, Chenar Kanagat, Vedika Goenka, Samiksha Mestry, Shyam Daha, Jeane-Lyn Ngo Lehman, Aishwaryaa Shashi, Ravi Kumar Mahto, Amar Prajapati, Annet Nakkazi, Kimberley Dhilwayo, Haider Shah, Ge Gao, Anatoly Silko

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Rachel Burgon
Co-Founder & CEO
Published on 17 December 2021
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