Student consultancy projects - summer 2020

This summer we came up with the idea of piloting a two-week student startup consultancy programme. It seemed the logical thing to do when we saw so many students disappointed at having their summer work and internship plans derailed by Covid. We also knew a fair few startup companies that could benefit from some consultancy insight from talented and enthusiatic students, especially at a time when companies are strategising and developing new ideas.

Since we launched the programme last month we have been amazed at the response we've had from students and startups alike.

We've matched up teams of students with companies in the Fintech, Edtech, and Musictech industries as well as a space sector consultancy business and a female investment company.

Each company will benefit from having a team of 4-5 students working on a company-defined 'consultancy challenge'. The teams are made up of students from a range of nationalities and academic backgrounds. We have students in computer science, business analytics, finance and accountancy, politics, economics and more, and this blend of backgrounds makes each student consultancy team unique.

The teams include students from the Universities of Oxford, Liverpool, Manchester, Loughborough, Cranfield, Warwick, Buckinghamshire New, Central Lancashire, Bristol and Exeter. They range from first year undergraduates to MBA grads, and they all have different skills to bring to the projects.

Projects start on 13th July and run for two weeks. We know the students can't wait to get cracking on their new challenges and we hope this summer can turn into a great opportunity for them to network, grow and enhance their experience. The challenges of remote project delivery coupled with the internationally diversity of each team will really help to prepare students for the future world of work.

Stay tuned to find out how the students get on!

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Rachel Burgon
Co-Founder & CEO
Published on 1 July 2020
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