What is student central?

Student Central is a revolutionary new way for students to apply to university in the UK. It was developed by our UK-based experts in UK higher education who recognised that the traditional way of applying to university is slow and frustrating, especially for international students. So, the team set about creating a simple, straightforward platform that enables potential students to start the application journey in as little as 3 minutes!

If you’re thinking about studying here in the UK, all you need to do is upload your CV to studentcentral.io Your profile will then be visible on our university-facing website. Decision makers at universities across the UK search this website for students who are an ideal fit for their courses and invite them to apply. Our UK-based team of experts can also recommend suitable courses which meet students’ academic needs and budgets.

It's completely free to publish your profile on Student Central. But many students opt to upgrade to a verified account which means they get a blue tick to show their qualifications have been checked and they are therefore more atttractive to prosepctive universities. Students with verified accounts also get discounts on many of our additional services.

If you receive an invite to apply for a course you can get support from the Student Central team to prepare your applications (whether it’s direct to the university or via the UCAS application system). Our team can advise on what to include in a personal statement, proofread and check documents and ensure everything is in order.

Our team is also on hand to chase up the progress of applications once they have been submitted to the university. This is highly valued by students who often find that their applications otherwise seem to go into a ‘bureaucratic blackhole’ and they struggle to get status updates.

If you need help with your student visa application, our OISC-registered visa advisors can provide advice and checking services to ensure you don’t run the risk of having your visa application rejected. And we have partnerships with accommodation and relocation specialist so settling in to student life here in the UK is as stress-free as possible.

Ultimately, everything we do is driven by a desire to empower students and make it simple to apply and secure a university place here in the UK.

So, upload your CV today and start your UK university journey in 3 minutes!

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Rachel Burgon
Co-Founder & CEO
Published on 30 May 2022
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