Which are the UK’s most affordable universities for international students?

It can be a stressful venture for international students to leave their home countries and come abroad for higher education. One of the top worries, or even hurdles, is the financial side of things. Many students let go of their dream to study in the UK because they cannot afford it. But it does not have to be like that. Whilst the UK has some very expensive universities, it also has relatively affordable ones. We have compiled a list of the most affordable universities in the UK for you to consider when thinking of studying in the UK.

University of Hull

Fees from: £9,250 - undergraduate & £6,100 - £11,000

Offers postgraduate degrees at the same fee as home students. This includes courses from the faculties of law, arts, education, and politics. The University of Hull hosts students from over 100 countries and the city itself has plenty to offer, especially when considering that it was a former UK city of culture.

Wrexham Glyndwr University

Fees from: £11,750 (starting PG and UG fee is same)

Small and inclusive university offering work-focused courses. A particularly good thing about this university is that if students pay fees early, a scholarship bursary of up to £2,000 is available which reduces the fee. The university is reported by students as “to be like a home from home”.

Middlesex University

Fees from: £12,000 (starting PG and UG fee is same)

With one of the lowest fees for international students in the UK, Middlesex University was founded in 1878 and offers a range of courses. It also has a presence in Malta, Dubai and Mauritius.

University of Suffolk

Fees from: £12,150 (starting PG and UG fee is same)

One of the newest universities in the UK. It started awarding its own degrees in 2016. It has an entrepreneurial focus and equips its graduates with workplace skills. Depending on the course you choose, international students are charged the same fee as undergraduates.

University of the Highlands and Islands

Fees from: £12,360 (starting PG and UG fee is same)

Provides easy access to the spectacular Scottish Highlands. Its courses reflect the landscape that it is situated in, e.g. History of the Highlands and Islands, Coastal and Maritime Societies and Cultures, and also on sustainability like Net Zero Communities.

University of Bolton

Fees from: £12,450 (starting PG and UG fee is same)

Has a multicultural and supportive environment. It hosts students from a wide variety of countries which helps international students adjust in a new environment.

Liverpool Hope University

Fees from:

£12,500 - undergraduate & £15,500 - postgraduate

Gained university status in 2005 with a city centre and suburban campus. You can enjoy the thriving city of Liverpool that has an industrial past.

Leeds Trinity University

Fees from: £12,500 (starting PG and UG fee is same)

Offers a range of subjects and is focused on employability with over 3,000 employer connections in the UK and overseas.

Plymouth Marjon University

Fees from: £12,500 (starting PG and UG fee is same)

A relatively small university, perfect for you if you want personalised support and a calm environment. Its campus has all modern university facilities.

Are affordable universities as good as more expensive ones?

Many students think that universities with lower fees can perhaps also be of lower quality. In other words, does the tuition fee of a university reflect its quality? More expensive universities are generally the ones that rank highly in tables and the name and prestige of the university does have an impact. Nevertheless, all UK universities have standardised degree qualities that are respected world-wide. So, you can be assured that, whatever and wherever you end up studying in the UK, you will be studying towards a globally respected degree that will equip you with the skills you need and enhance your career prospects!

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Haider Shah
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Published on 4 March 2022
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