Student Central

Where is Student Central based?
We are based in the UK. Our main offices are in the city of Milton Keynes which is located between London and Birmingham and Oxford and Cambridge. We also have a small office in Wales, which is near the cities of Manchester and Liverpool.
Can you advise me on the best universities or courses?
Whilst Student Central is a platform where universities can see your profile and invite you to apply for their courses we also have our own team of experts who are happy to help you identify suitable courses and universities.
Can Student Central help me find a foundation or pre-master's course?
Yes, we can help you find foundation and pre-master's courses delivered by universities and private providers such as Kaplan, INTO, ONCAMPUS, IFG and many more.
Can you help me find accommodation?
Yes, we are partnered with Unilodgers (the world's largest student housing provider) to help you find safe, clean, affordable accommodation across the UK. [Explore Accomodation](
How much does Student Central cost?
It is free for students to use the Student Central website. However, there is a small charge to upgrade to a premium account an, if you wish to use our additional services to help you with your course applications or visa applications there is a charge. Find out more [](url)
Which universities do you work with?
Student Central is accessible to all universities and we can help you apply to any UK university.
Can Student Central help with undergraduate applications?
Yes. Although Student Central launched with a focus on postgraduate students we are now able to support undergraduate students with their applications too. Just create your profile and indicate that you are looking for an undergraduate-level course.
Can I apply to study in the UK before I finish my current studies?
Yes, if you are nearing the end of your studies in your home country but do not yet have your final grades you can still begin your UK university application. However, your acceptance onto a degree course may be conditional. This means that you will have to achieve a certain level of grades on your current course before you get a letter of acceptance onto your chosen course and can apply for a study visa.
Can you help me to apply to Oxford or Cambridge?

We offer an Oxbridge service to help students apply to Oxford or Cambridge. The process for applying to these universities is different to standard university applications and our Oxbridge experts are happy to help you. Find out more 

Do I need to take a foundation course or pre-master's course?
You may need undertake a pre-entry course to 'bridge the gap' between your current qualifications and the required university entry qualifications. These courses are known as 'pathway courses', generally foundation courses (for entry to undergraduate degrees) and pre-master's (for entry to postgraduate taught courses). Some students also take pre-sessional English courses as a requirement for degree entry. We can help you find and secure a place on the most appropriate pathway course for your chosen university and subject. Find out more about whether you need to take a foundation course.
Can you help me get a visa?
Our OISC-registered visa agents provide a range of services focused on tier 4 student visas as well as work and entrepreneur visas for graduates. We can provide consultation and advice services as well as application checking services.
Can I use your services if I am not an international student?
Yes, although our services are focused on meeting the needs of international students, many of them can also prove valuable to UK students. Our university matching services and UCAS application services, in particular, are a useful resource for home-schooled students or those who have been out of education for over a year.
Can you provide a guaranteed place at a UK university?
Universities accept students on merit but, by working with us to select the most suitable universities and prepare a strong application, you are giving yourself the best chance to secure a place in a suitable university.
Can you help me find a PhD?
Currently we help students looking for taught degrees (undergraduate and postgraduate). We do not currently help students looking to undertake a research degree such as a PhD.
Can you help me find a place at non-UK university?
We are experts in UK universities and do not currently provide advice or support to students looking to study in other countries.